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FREE International Shipping on All Orders

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I took this device along with me to my Physical Therapist and it was PT approved and tried on by all the staff to test the ability to do what it claims ! It was approved for me to use for my cervical treatments in between appointments! 

Anne S.

I have had chronic neck and shoulder tightness and pain for years with no cure. But just by wearing this device for about 10-15 minutes, I could immediately feel that the neck joints loosen up and I was finally able to properly move my neck again! 

Adrian M.

 I'd been suffering from terrible headaches and numbness in my hands. The chiropractor relieved those symptoms through months of traction work.

Those symptoms returned recently. I decided to try an at home device and I got immediate relief. It's easy to use and seems durable. I highly recommend it.

Lily R.